Create a Focal Point in Your Store

Y-Gondola Creates Focal Points For Boosting Sales

When space is minimal, but attracting product attention is important, Madix's Y-Gondola creates a perfect focal point for increased product sales. Constructed entirely from Madix's  Maxi Line components, assembly is fast and easy. Y-Gondola's innovative design encourages customers to view and interact with highlighted merchandise with ease.

  • Creates Focal Points To Drive Traffic and Boost Sales
  • Highlights Merchandising Categories or Department
  • Uses Standard  Madix Maxiline Component

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Now is The Best Time To Buy Metro Shelving

metro image

Metro makes products that improve productivity, efficiency , and profits in the material handling, retail & grocery , restaurant, manufacturing, electronic, laboratory & cleanroom , and healthcare markets. 

Metro Shelving :  Polymer Shelving : Wire & Solid Shelving : Wall Shelving & Carts High Density Storage & Dunnage : Municipal Services Solutions  Grocery & Retail Solutions: Electronics & Cleanroom Solutions : Labratory & Healthcare Solutions


Now special incentives from the factory means savings for you.

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This Shopping Cart Has Never Looked Better!


The T-100's value added EXpress design features: 

 •  Large 6,000 cubic inch capacity in small compact cart.
•  Functional and attractive design to encourage more cart usage.
  Plastic design reduces damage to store fixtures and autos while complimenting    store branding and decor.
•  Cart will nest in only 7.28".

  5" easy roll non-marking wheels.

  Features a purse hook for shopper convenience and a rear basket with a built in cup holder 
  Short wheelbase allows for maneuverability in narrow aisles and congested areas.
  Two-tier design allows for separation of purchases and esay access to bottom basket.

Standard Colors: frames in black or metallic gray finish . Plastic baskets in Red, Black, Blue, Green or Lite Gray.  Custom color combinations are available in quantity. Your store name and logo can be printed on the handle and body panels 

For more information and a no-obligation quotation contact Joseph Solinsky , Indoff Store Fixtures + Equipment at 410.967.9556 or via email at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com.

Make It Happen With Madix





Indoff Store Fixtures +  Equipment Is a full line distributor and integrator of Madix display and storage products creating innovative and interesting retail environments that will boost store traffic and promote sales. In addition to Madix Maxi-line wall & gondola shelving we offer:

  • Madix Tubeline a system specifically designed for smaller format stores.
  • Pharmacy shelving and casework
  • Madix Omega HD display racking
  • Madix Widespan and storage shelving 
  • Madix Pallet racking & wire decking
  • Madix modular changing  rooms
  • Madix queing fixtures
  • Checkstands, showcases, and freestanding displays 
  • Integrated fixture LED lighting sytems
  • Slatwall & Gridwall systems 

Contact Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556 or at joseph.solinsky @indoff.com  to learn more about how Madix display and storage solutions can enhance your retail business.

With Madix + Indoff innovation is always on display!


Genuine Metro Super Erecta The Look That Sells

Looking for a differenct look for your store? Display your merchandise in style with the versatility that you need with Super-Erecta shelving! Available in nine standard colors and with accessories to merchandise many different kinds of products. Metro Super-Erecta has the storage and display solution that is right for your store.

  • No tool assembly
  • Shelves can be adjusted in 1 inch increments along the length of the vertical posts
  • Unique open wire design highlights the merchandise so customers will notice
  • Full line of casters available for mobile applications
  • Available in a full pallete of colors and finishes to complement any store decor
  • Full line of accessories to merchandise a broad range of merchandise effectively.

For more information on how Super Erecta shelving can enhance your merchandising and boost sales or a quotation please contact Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556.  Email at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com. Space planning services are available! 


A Fresh Modern Approach to Display & Storage Shelving

Organize Your Store - Better!

Metalsistem Shelving makes every store a convenience store. One your customers will love to shop time and again!








Show Room Displays

Turn window-shoppers into regular customers with displays that sizzle. Metalsistem Super 1-2-3 shelving system gives your store a fresh modern feel, putting your best products in the best light. With Metalsistem accessories you can merchandise evertything from softlines to hardlines.

metalsistem 2


Stock Room Shelving

The best displays in the world will do you no good if you can’t find the merchandise quickly and efficiently. Super 1-2-3 offers you a boltless shelving stockroom solution designed to fit right where you need it, so you can keep track of inventory and keep you showroom in-stock .   It is easy to assembly and reconfigure as your needs change.


metalsistem stock













For more information on how Metalsistem 1-2-3 shelving can enhance your retail environment, contact Joseph Solinsky, Indoff Store Fixtures at 410.494.4598 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com. I am always happy to assist you.


Small Parts Storage Systems From Indoff

Small parts

Keeping an organized and accurate inventory of small parts such as automotive, electronic, or assembly hardware can be a daunting task. Indoff offers an array of solutions by leading manufacturers such as Borroughs, Equipto, Stanley-Vidmar and more! We built multi-level shelf supported storage mezzanines too! So whether it is a new installation or a recofiguration and repair of an existing system. Indoff has the resources and expertice to keep your parts department in top form.

Contact Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556 or via email at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com to learn more on how Indoff can organized your parts department.

Luxe by Madix an Alternative to Custom Fixtures

Luxe image

The Alternative to Custom Fixtures

Madix's all-new Luxe displays help retailers create an upscale environment, while maintaining the simplicity of installation that customers have grown to love. Clean lines and versatile slotting allow retailers to upgrade their fixtures, but still utilize Madix Maxi Line accessories. 

Luxe helps retailers create upscale store environments. Compared to custom fixtures, Luxe is equally attractive, but it is more cost effective and has add on and replacement parts readily available. Luxe is perfectly suited for merchandising a variety of merchandise such as apparel, shoes, and housewares. It's perfect to outfit your whole store or just specific merchandise within departments. The system's unique round upright allows retailers to build displays from four directions. The new patent-pending display is easy to install, which retailers will appreciate.

  • Utilizes thousands of Maxi Line accessories, including shelves, hang rods, and waterfall displays
  • Equally attractive to custom fixtures
  • Versatile pieces can be combined to form several different displays, including tables, freestanding units, and wall anchored gondolas.
  • Flexibility with accessory  and replacement parts readily available

For more information on how the Luxe display system can enhance your merchandise presentation or  a no obligation quotation contact Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9566 or at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com. At Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment we are here to help!

Maxi-Line By Madix Puts Innovation on Display

Maxi Line is more that just a fixture, it is a unique system that allows you the flexibility to customize your store using standard Madix parts and accessories.

All Maxi Line components are designed for ease of installation, providing a totally interlocking display system that is perfect for your current and future retail display requirements.



Indoff Store Fixtures + Equipment offers retailers the complete Madix line of fixtures and equipment for you sales area and backroom area of your store!

  • Maxi Line Display Shelving and Accessories
  • Tube Line Display Shelving and Accessories
  • Wide-span, Pallet Rack, and,  Back Room Shelving Solutions
  • Service Counters , Checkstands, and Show Cases
  • Pharmacy Shelving and Cabinet Systems
  • Wire Gridwall and Slatwall Systems
  • Freestanding Point of Purchase Displays
  • LED Display Lighting Systems

Indoff offers store planning assistance and professional installation services to ensure that your store reflects your brand and is most appealing to your customers!  For more information and a no obligation consulation, call Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556. I am always happy to assist you!

The Light That Sells

A well illuminated store increases foot traffic and sales by creating an aesthetically pleasing shopping enviroment. It helps reinforce your store's brand image and shows off your merchandise by properly enhancing color, textures, and forms.

Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment offers a full line of in store lighting solutions including energy saving  LED fixtures.

For more information on how lighting can improve your stores bottom line contact Joseph Solinsky 410.967.9556 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com

Under shelf LED strip lights

LED Light

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