Wide Span Shelving An Economical Solution For Stock or Display

Wide Span Storage Shelving by Madix  serves either as an attractive sales-floor bulk merchandiser or as an efficient warehouse storage rack of hand-stacked inventory. It is often used when bulk or loads preclude the use of storage shelving. Wide Span is manufactured of heavy gauge, high-tensile steel. Wide Span is available with a number of deck and beam options to safely match what you need with your budget. It assembles quickly and has many accessories. It is available in two standard colors or optional finishes that match Madix's display fixtures.

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Madix Wide Span w/ Maxi-line Gondola.

For more information and pricing on this and the full line of Madix storage and display products contact Joseph Solinsky @ Indoff - Store Fixtures and Retail Equipment at 410.967.9556 or by e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com

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