One Shelf System Many Applications

Super 123

The Super 1-2-3 shelving series is particularly useful for storage and display of a wide variety of products. The bright galvanized finish complements any store decor theme.  Light weight but with high strength charateristics, the boltless system can be assembled by most anyone. Super 123 is available in a wide range of sizes and can be fitted with a full complement of usefull accessories.  

For more information on how Super 1-2-3 can improve your store storage and decor needs contact Joseph Solinsky @ 410.967.9556 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com


SUPER 1/2/3 : The Total Solution For Your Storage Shelving Needs!


  • SUPER 1/2/3 shelving offers the benefits of  rapid and easy boltless assembly, with good stability, and  high load bearing capacity.  Available in various  heights, depths, and widths with a wide range of unique shelving accessories.  Modern bright metal finish complements any decor. 
  • For pricing and more information contact joseph Solinsky 410.967.9556 or via email at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com

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