Evolution The Newest In Wine Merchandising From Vintage View

The choice is clear when it comes to why you should use The Evolution by VintageView Wine Storage and Display System. They are beautiful and create the illusion of your wine bottles floating in the air with their best feature; the label facing toward you. The Evolution system presents a clear contemporary look that blends with any environment, retail, restaurant, or home wine cellar.  Vintage View Evolution System maintains spacing to accommodate proper airflow between the bottles to ensure even wine storage temperatures. They are easy to assemble and install.

For more information, pricing,  and planning assistance contact Joseph Solinsky @ 410.967.9556  or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com


How to Display Wine on a Radius Wall with a Sloped Ceiling???

The Conundrum: How to Handle a Radius Wall with a Curved Ceiling?

The Solution: VintageView wine display systemis the perfect application for this scenario. VintageView cuts the racks based off of the site measurements.  This  ensures a simple and elegant way to rack this difficult space.

Have more questions about wine presentation at your home, restaurant, wine bar, or retail store? Contact  Joseph Solinsky   at 410.494.4598 or via email at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com.   I will be happy to assist you!

Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment is your full service source for planning, sourcing, and installation services for all your display needs!


Vintage View Introduces the Evolution Series

Evolution by Vintage View is a ground breaking label forward racking system incorporating acrylic panels and steel support rods.  An innovatiive solution for restaurants, retail, and residential projects requiring a truly modern look and feel for storing and displaying wine and spirits.  For more information and a no obligation quotation contact Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556 or or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com

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Island Display Rack Holds 180 Bottles

Freestanding wine bottle displays from Indoff and Vintage View are designed for retail or residential use and don't require mounting to your walls. The stylish metal fixtures can easily be integrated into your retail store floorplan or personal wine cellar.  This freestanding double sided island display rack holds 180 bottles  Dimensions: 24.5 inches deep x 43.5 inches tall c 40.5 inches long. Includes presentation rack plus 3 deep Vintage View racks each side below the presentation rack.

Standard Finishes: Brushed Nickel or Satin Black.

Model IDR-3.

Popular Options : IDR-CK/ IDR-CXK Caster Kit , IDR-3 End Cap, IDR-3X Add-on Extention

3' Island Display Rack

For more information contact Joseph Solinsky at Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment  at 410.494.4598 or joseph.solinsky@indoff.com.

Improve Your Store Decor with Wine Racks from Indoff

Improve your store decor and boost sales with the award winning design of Vintage View free standing wine display floor fixtures! The unique label forward design is eye-catching and puts your best bottles foreward!  Many configuration are available with end-caps and point of purchase displays!   Contact Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com for more information and a no-obligation quotation.


Clean, Simple, Elegant

Vintage View Wine Racks by WineMaster Cellars offers a clean, simple, and elegant solution to present your wine collection or wines on offer.  Perfect for wine merchants, restraunteurs, and the private cellar of the wine enthusiast.

For more information on the complete line of Vintage View wine displays, contact Joseph Solinsky at Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment, 410.967.9556 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com.  Complementary design assistance is available at no obligation to you!

New Floor-to-Ceiling Frames From Wine Master Cellars


Important structural changes have been made to the VintageView Floor-to-Ceiling Frames (FCF's).

Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment  is proud to  introduce a new ‘Heavy Duty’ version of the Floor-to-Ceiling-Frames (FCF-HD) that will replace the standard Floor-to-Ceiling-Frames (FCF). The HD version uses 1” square uprights, giving it a ½” deeper stance than its predecessor, for increased durability. This change will also apply to Magnum Floor-to-Ceiling-Frames.

Currently, there is  a limited quantity of the standard Satin Black Floor-to-Ceiling-Frames (FCF-K) available. The standard Platinum Series Floor-to-Ceiling-Frames (FCF-P) are no longer in stock.

An updated version of the FCF Base Plate (FCF-BASE) is being produced now to support the HD FCF’s. The new base plates are expected to arrive towards the final week of December. As a reminder, these are only required when using half of an FCF where the ceiling height is less than 5’.

No changes have been made to the FCF Backer Bars (FCF-BACK), which are still required when mounting Wall Series racks to only one side of an FCF.


Dimensions: 5' Tall x 8 3/4" Wide x 2" Deep

Pricing ( FOB: Factory)

  • Floor-to-Ceiling HD Frame in Satin Black: (FCF-HD-K) $139.00 each
  • Floor-to-Ceiling HD Frame in Platinum Series Brushed Nickel: (FCF-HD-P)         $179.00 each
  • Magnum Floor-to-Ceiling HD Frame in Satin Black:          (FCF-HD-MAGK)              $250.00 ea                       
  • Magnum Floor-to-Ceiling HD Frame in Platinum Series Brushed Nickel: (FCF-HD-MAG-P)                           $270.00 each

For more information on the entire line of Vintage View wine rack & display systems contact Joseph Solinsky @ 410.967.9556


Vintage View Wine Racks - Now With Custom Finishes

In addition to standard Satin Black and Brushed Nickel , 6 custom finishes are now available for the award winning Vintage-View wine racks by Wine Master Cellars.  Theses new finishes are the perfect complement for any residential, restaurant, or retail application. The full line of Vintage View wall racks, freestanding racks, and floor-to-ceiling frames can be custom finished to make your application truely spectacular!

For estimated lead-time and pricing call Joseph Solinsky @ 410.967.9556  or e-mail me at joseph.solinsky@comcaset.net. I am always happy to assist you!

Floor-To-Ceiling Frames Allow For Design Flexibility

Vintage View by Wine Masters Cellars Floor-To-Ceiling Frames (FCF)  allow Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks to be positioned anywhere the FCF can be secured to a floor and ceiling. Perfect for wall surfaces to valuable or delicate for wall mounted hardware. Create dramatic presentations!  No longer does you wine collection be relegated to the sides of your store, restaurant, or home wine cellar.



Floor to Ceiling Frames holds standard Vintage View Wall Mount Series racks for your custom wine display.  Each set contains two 5' sections for ceilings up to 10 ft high.  For Ceilings over 10 ' tall custom frames can be fabricated to order.

To check out the standard FCF product offerings in the on-line catalog, click here!

For more information on FCF frames and the entire line of Vintage View Winre Racks please call Joseph Solinsky @ 410.967.9556 or e-mail me at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com

This Point of Purchase Display Sells More Wine

This attractive label forward, freestanding  point-of-purchase display from award winning Wine Master Cellars holds 24 bottles in the base and 3 bottles in the presentation rack above. Excellent stand alone or connected side by side. Available in Satin Black or Brushed Nickel finish. Ships in 24 hour or less!



Satin Black: $99.99 ea + Shipping & Handling. To order click here!

Brushed Nickel: $124.99 + Shipping & Handling. To  order click here!

For answers to your questions on this display as well as the full line of Vintage View Wine Racks by Wine Master Cellars,contact Joe Solinsky@ 410.967.9556 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com. I am always happy to assist you!



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