Maxi-Line By Madix Puts Innovation on Display

Maxi Line is more that just a fixture, it is a unique system that allows you the flexibility to customize your store using standard Madix parts and accessories.

All Maxi Line components are designed for ease of installation, providing a totally interlocking display system that is perfect for your current and future retail display requirements.



Indoff Store Fixtures + Equipment offers retailers the complete Madix line of fixtures and equipment for you sales area and backroom area of your store!

  • Maxi Line Display Shelving and Accessories
  • Tube Line Display Shelving and Accessories
  • Wide-span, Pallet Rack, and,  Back Room Shelving Solutions
  • Service Counters , Checkstands, and Show Cases
  • Pharmacy Shelving and Cabinet Systems
  • Wire Gridwall and Slatwall Systems
  • Freestanding Point of Purchase Displays
  • LED Display Lighting Systems

Indoff offers store planning assistance and professional installation services to ensure that your store reflects your brand and is most appealing to your customers!  For more information and a no obligation consulation, call Joseph Solinsky at 410.967.9556. I am always happy to assist you!

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