A Fresh Modern Approach to Display & Storage Shelving

Organize Your Store - Better!

Metalsistem Shelving makes every store a convenience store. One your customers will love to shop time and again!








Show Room Displays

Turn window-shoppers into regular customers with displays that sizzle. Metalsistem Super 1-2-3 shelving system gives your store a fresh modern feel, putting your best products in the best light. With Metalsistem accessories you can merchandise evertything from softlines to hardlines.

metalsistem 2


Stock Room Shelving

The best displays in the world will do you no good if you can’t find the merchandise quickly and efficiently. Super 1-2-3 offers you a boltless shelving stockroom solution designed to fit right where you need it, so you can keep track of inventory and keep you showroom in-stock .   It is easy to assembly and reconfigure as your needs change.


metalsistem stock













For more information on how Metalsistem 1-2-3 shelving can enhance your retail environment, contact Joseph Solinsky, Indoff Store Fixtures at 410.494.4598 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@indoff.com. I am always happy to assist you.


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