Express 3500 Metal Shopping Cart

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The Express 3500 Series's retro style offers large capacity and style in a compact metal shopping cart

Narrow width allows perfect fit in small stores with tight aisles.

Open bottom tray for bulky items.

Available with a child seat, extra.

Nests in only 6-7/8 inches  -  25% less than comparible carts.

5" easy-roll non-marking wheels.

Dimesions: 21.5 W x 29.72L x 41.25H.

Payload Capacity: 3,500 cubic inches.




Express 6000 Two Tiered Retail Metal Shopping Cart

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The Express 6000 Retail Metal Shopping Cart is one of the most popular carts for grocery stores.

Perfect for the smaller grocery or specialy stores.  Compact design allows for easy travel in tight aisles

6,000 cubic inch capacity with optional add-on basket available extra.

Available with child seat ( not shown )

Nests in only 6.5 inches

5 inch easy-roll non-marking wheels

Dimensions: 21.5"W x 29"L x 441.25"H