Replace Your Lost, Stolen, or Abandoned Shopping Carts

How many time have you seen this happen, a customer walks into a store looks around and walks out because there are no shopping carts or hand baskets availble! Or the cart corral at the front of the store is empty but drive around the neighborhood you find shopping carts abandoned near bus stops, street corners, everywhere but where your customers need them to shop! 

Contact Joe Solinsky at Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment to replenish your shopping carts and hand baskets. We carry shopping carts from the ever popuar EZcart basket cart to full size grocery carts including  specialty carts for home and garden centers, and lumber yards.  We also can print your store logo on the handle and basket!  

For more information and a quotation call Joe Solinsky/ Indoff Store Fixtures + Retail Equipment @ 410.494.4598 or via e-mail at joseph.solinsky@ indoff.com



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