Island Display Rack Holds 180 Bottles

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Freestanding wine bottle displays from Indoff and Vintage View are designed for retail or residential use and don't require mounting to your walls. The stylish metal fixtures can easily be integrated into your retail store floorplan or personal wine cellar.  This freestanding double sided island display rack holds 180 bottles  Dimensions: 24.5 inches deep x 43.5 inches tall c 40.5 inches long. Includes presentation rack plus 3 deep Vintage View racks each side below the presentation rack.

Standard Finishes: Brushed Nickel or Satin Black.

Model IDR-3.

Popular Options : IDR-CK/ IDR-CXK Caster Kit , IDR-3 End Cap, IDR-3X Add-on Extention

3' Island Display Rack

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